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10 Amazing & Memorable Activities for Your Child This Summer!

10 Amazing & Memorable Activities for Your Child This Summer!

10 Amazing & Memorable Activities for Your Child This Summer!

By: Maggie Sweets

Whoever said  summer had to be boring and long? Here is a list of 10 AMAZING activities for your child to do this summer! Each post has a link below instructing you on how to achieve these great ideas. Have Fun!

1. Make a Bucket List!

Nothing will get your child excited for the summer than gathering ideas and getting a plan together full of fun activities for the summer!

2. Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

Setting one of these up can be just as fun as the party itself! Make sure to invite lots of friends and add a concession stand if you want to go the extra mile!

3. Collect Leaves for an Awesome Leaf Book

Summer is the time when all of the leaves will be visible for nearly every tree! Don’t wait until fall to start collecting them! Make an amazing leaf book early on.

4. Make an Amazing Indoor Tent

What kids doesn’t love a blanket fort? Right—no kid! Make this as extravagant as possible by including lights and a TV!

5. Plan a Photography Project for your Child

Kids love creating! Help your child foster their creativity by giving them a small camera to document their summer! Convert these images to black and white and print them for a wonderful gallery.

6.Host a Tea Party

Grab a group of friends and throw a tea party every month of the summer! Make sure to add snacks and different teas including iced teas for everyone to enjoy.

7. Plant a Tree

This activity is a great family activity! Planting a tree not only helps the environment but gives your child and your family something to look back on as it continues to grow.

8. Make Some Dough

Better believe that  your children will ask you for LOTS of money this summer! Help them learn the lesson of money management by helping them create some cash themselves. Don’t limit it to lemonade stands! With online stores like Etsy, your children can sell crafts, t-shirt designs and much more!

9. Make a Homemade Movie

Homemade movies are great! Your children can spend the whole summer with their friends creating scripts, collecting props, filming and editing. What a wonderful way to look back on their summer!

10. Have a Talent Show

Coming down to the end of summer vacation? Throwing a talent show for your child and their friends is a great way to conclude all of the things that your child learned and did on their vacation. Gather the neighborhood, charge $2 a ticket and give a cash prize to the winner at the end!
Whatever you do this summer… Have fun! Summertime can be a wonderful memory for you and your children. Have any more ideas? We would love to hear them. Comment your thoughts below!

Written by: Maggie Sweets


Maggie Sweets is an award winning fine art photographer based in Sioux Falls, SD. She specializes in family and child portraiture and works with designers and publications on the side. Maggie Sweets is also a loving wife and mom of 3 kiddos. On her spare time, she enjoys traveling, painting, stargazing & baking.