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25 Jan '18

Valentine's Day- a day to show love to those around you!

Valentine's Day- a day to show love to those around you. It's one of those holidays that we all wish lasted longer in the chilly time between Christmas and spring break!

Well, why not make a two week countdown to spread the love!

On red slips of paper, select 14 Valentine themed activities to complete. These things can include things to do with your family or for your family to do for others! Here is an example list:
  1. Family Movie Night- Choose a Family Movie with a Sappy Love Story 
  2. Bake Heart Cookies to Give to a Neighbor
  3. DIY Valentine Decorating Night
  4. Get Dressed in Your Best (Mint Kids of course!) and Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home
  5. Deliver Valentines to a Nursing Home or Shelter
  6. Tell a Love Story- How Mom and Dad Met
  7. I Love You Because- Have Every Member of the Family Share 3 Reasons They Love Each Family Member
  8. Mail Your Grandparents Valentines 
  9. Chocolate Fondue Night- Get Out the Pretzels and Strawberries
  10. Create a Tree of Loved Ones- Make a Family Tree and Share Stories
  11. Check Out Valentine Books from the Library and Cuddle with the Family While Reading
  12. Have a Heart Themed Breakfast- Heart Shaped Pancakes, Strawberries, the Works!
  13. Telephone or Video Chat with a Relative You Don't See Often
  14. Family Dance Party- Put Together a Valentine Playlist and Have a Blast
Feel free to exchange some of these for your own ideas to fit your family. By Valentine's Day your children will be feeling what this holiday is truly about, and your family will be closer than ever! Happy Valentine's Day!
Post written by:
Alyssa Christensen
Magnum Opus Photography LLC
Email: magnumopusutah@gmail.com
Alyssa Christensen is a photographer specializing in children, family, and weddings with Magnum Opus Photography in Utah. Before becoming a photographer, she was a teacher for 7 years and an actress. She is married to a firefighter, and is mama to a four year old little girl and one year old Scottie dog. She loves traveling with her family in their '68 Roadrunner camper, collecting rocks and records, and Pepsi.